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Spinal health plays an essential role in your entire family from the youngest to the oldest member. Dr. Troy Wilson  at Hastings Family Chiropractic offer gentle family chiropractic in Hastings, NE to help keep every member of your family in optimal health.

How Chiropractic Care Can Benefit the Entire Family

Daily life isn’t naturally conducive to a healthy body. Work requires most people to either sit or stand in one position for hours at a time. Other people have jobs that require repetitive lifting or other physical demands. Even lifting children and groceries, yard work, doing laundry, and leaning over a tub to scrub it can wreak havoc on the musculoskeletal system if not done carefully and in proper form.

And adults aren’t the only ones exposed to issues. Infants traveling through the birth canal, children falling on the playground, and even students sitting in desks all day long can experience trouble, too.

Anyone of any age can find themselves suffering from spinal misalignment and other problems that can cause pain, tension, nerve damage, and more. And chiropractic care is an effective means of naturally addressing these issues.

However, not everyone is up to forceful movements and adjustments – especially not younger children, those experiencing a painful injury, or seniors. When this is the case, gentle family chiropractic in Hastings, NE is a great solution.

Gentle Family Chiropractic Treatment in Hastings, NE

Dr. Wilson at Hastings Family Chiropractic are dedicated to providing chiropractic care that meets your comfort level and needs. While traditional chiropractic is an option, our office also offers low-force adjustments, which provide similar results. They also offer the following treatments to help you achieve relief.

  • Massage therapy to ease tension and improve circulation, which can speed up the body’s natural recovery.
  • Acupuncture to help unblock the body’s natural flow of energy, improve circulation, and relieve pain and tension
  • Cold laser therapy, which uses light to address damaged tissue and promote healing
  • Electrical muscle stimulation in which electrical pulses are utilized to address pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms

Both are also trained in both pediatric and geriatric adjustments, so they can provide effective care for the whole family.

Don’t let daily life impact your family’s musculoskeletal health. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Wilson at Hastings Family Chiropractic in Hastings, NE for gentle family chiropractic by calling (402) 463-1955 today.

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